September 4, 2009

oh my! it has been awhile, hasn't it?
i was so use to my routine with my old hours (four til midnight) sleeping in, going to the gym, blogging, crafting, with my new hours it's much harder to do all of those things! by the time i get home at 6 or 7...sometimes 8...mikey & i make dinner, watch a movie and hangout and then by 11 i'm usually in bed. i haven't quite found a new routine that i like yet. needless to say i also haven't been to the gym in 2-3 weeks, ugh. i hate that. anyway, the job's going...okay. still getting use to it. sometimes it's hard to get use to when you've had multiple bad days in your first week. ho hum. i'm getting a little sick of (essentially) being shit on day after day by customers when really it's not my fault...i get that they have to take their anger out on someone, but i really don't care for a job where that someone is me.
i need to make some changes again, very soon i hope.
anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know that i'm alive. just busy with work. this week i had to work six days in a row...not looking forward to going in at 8am tomorrow morning (saturday...8am? that's just mean!)
ah well. what can ya do right?
also. mikey & i have been watching six feet under lately...a lady from work is letting us borrow the seasons. i'm really really liking it, even though it is quite sad.