September 16, 2009

my mum just emailed me this photo of my dad from what i'm guessing is the 8os; whatta babe! i couldn't not post it. i mean, look at those glasses...if only he had of held onto them, he'd be super trendy now right (and the beard too!) he'd probably kill me for posting this...but i had to, i just had to...

anywho! when i get bored, i love to just search etsy shops and drool over things i cannot have. tonight i have done just that...this new fall weather is making me want to buy new fall things, it's dangerous i tell you! especially these big knitted neck cowls...i want all of them! i bought one last year and love them; great alternative to a scarf; which i also adore. too bad i don't know how to knit patterns, i'm sure i could make the ones shown below...

this is so big and cozy looking. it would take over my whole body but i'm okay with that; found here
omg look at this cowl! turquoise, brown heart buttons; so cute!! found here.

these pretty fingerless gloves; sold here
this pretty ivory neck cowl...can be buttoned a bunch of different ways. i think cowls should be the new necklace! i want a hundred...found here

how cutesy is this owl & fox bff tote bag? so cute! found here
you can never have too many tote bags right? she has lots of other cute ones on her etsy too!

this cuckoo clock necklace is so friggin' cute & only $7! found here

um, this is so obnoxious & awesome; gimme! found here

i want these to be MY winter boots; found here

i adore this necklace; that's an actual little pocket knife! found here