September 18, 2009

so last year around this time when all of the fall stuff for PLUSH was coming in, we did some modelling for the site annnd i fell in love with this coat (& mikey with his) i didn't buy it last year but they still have some this year and i am so happy to call it mine...finally!
(i've only been thinking about it's gloriously large hood for a full year now...)

& this is just a cute candid one bryan snapped...awww.

i am pretty excited for my day today. i have the day off and i plan on spending it entirely by myself. right now i'm enjoying catching up on blogs & emails, soon i'm going to shower and jump on the bus to lansdowne...go to chapters, value village, winners and a few other stores and tonight mikey is jamming with the band so i will be spending the night with my craft supplies (i have some orders to do up and new notebooks to make!) have i mentioned how much i look forward to my days off??

hope everyone has a lovely day as well