September 27, 2009

this photo reminds me of fall...and the rainy day we had yesterday
(i don't remember where this photo came from)
yesterday was nice. i worked 8-5 which seems like it would suck cause it's saturday and obviously i'd prefer not working at all...but it's usually quiet & i get off early enough to still enjoy the day/night. after work i got some shoppers drug mart essentials then mikey & i went and got groceries (which we desperately needed) i dyed my hair; freshened up the red as it was getting kinda orangey...then we made lasagna and garlic bread and watched the last two episodes of six feet under which by the way, is my all time favourite series. even though i am SUPER sad that we're done watching it, they ended it sososo well and of course i was crying. i recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it/has the time to watch five seasons.

kyle sent an update email just to let us know that he had arrived in europe okay and that he was drinking wine and enjoying the town; so jealoooous!!

anyway, i hope everyone has a nice relaxing sunday.