September 28, 2009

yesterday i saw two really good movies. mikey and i went to see the matinee screening of inglourious basterds which was really good...a little confusing at times as i'm not much of a history buff but still really good (sidenote: brad pitt is finally/actually starting to look his age) and then at night i hungout with my friend lianne, we got night kitchen pizza (only the best) and watched wristcutters which was such a cute and unexpected love story. girls, if you haven't seen need to! it also has two of my favourite actors; shannon sossamon (who always always always has the BEST style &'s unfair really) & patrick fugit (who is super cute and so good in all of the movies i've seen him in. which reminds me: must watch/buy almost famous soon!)
since mikey & i are done six feet under...does anyone have any recommendations for movies (new or old) or series that we can get into (we don't have cable tv so we watch a lot of movies)