October 1, 2009

fox hotel(s)

ohmygosh!! wouldn't you want to sleep in these rooms? the last two are my favooooourites!!
side note: my neighbour has just re-arranged his apartment and before his music was mostly heard when we were in our bathroom...well since he's re-arranged it, i can now hear word for word whatever he's listening to, while we're in the living room...which is where we spend most of our time. i can hear him singing right now. oh boy...this is going to get old, real fast.
edit // approximately 10 minutes later...it got old. holy crap. he's listening to the whiniest, CRAPPIEST music i've ever heard. and i was not exaggerating when i said i can hear every.single.word. as if it was playing in my own apartment. and it's 11.30 at night...