October 17, 2009

i want to make a pretty fabric garland. probably for the springtime. or christmas!

this loft looks so cute. i'd probably never want to leave. i am in LOVE with these two colours together! (we're not painting our new place...just crisp white walls with lots of pops of colour...but i will definitely be keeping these two in mind; love)
after seeing a bright red metal trash can at winners yesterday ($60 though, blah) we have decided we're going to get at least one (at home hardware though, cheaper...and paint it ourselves) and keep our towels and linens and things in them; cuuute! ps: we are both very much interested in any and all fun storage ideas you guys have...

oh ya! and we're going to build a lego table... just kidding, but wouldn't that be amaaaaazing? i think i'd do some sort of pattern or solid colours. maybe stripes? i don't like the random piece look.

i am so excited for my weekend, aka: tonight and tomorrow. i think mikey & i are just going to relax and sleep tonight. i am exhausted. i went out thursday night and friday night and apparently that means saturday. 8am work. BEAT. ah well, i need the rest anyway. you know when your eye gets all twitchy-like cause you're so tired? ya, that just happened. tomorrow mikey and i are going to keep working on getting ready for the move and trying to minimiiiiize, it's tough.

OH YA!! 1 more person to follow me (er, my blog) and i will do a giveaway. come on guys!! i'm excited to do my first giveaway, let's make this happen.

ps: there are 3 movies i really want to see, where the wild things are (duh! who doesn't?) whip it and zombieland. i want to try and set up my next day off so i can see all 3, for the price of 1, hehe :)