October 18, 2009

once mikey wakes up we're going to make breakfast...it will look something like the one above (minus the poop...ew, i'm assuming that's sausage. how unappealing!) and + tea/coffee

plans for the day:
+ keep purging. aka: get rid of more stuff
+ go to value village
+ clean the apartment/do dishes
+ make more notebooks for future etsy shop
+ catch a movie (hopefully!)

this was my favourite postsecret from the update:

it's so very true. happiness will not find you, you have to find it yourself or else you will never be truly happy. so many people are waiting for something to make them happy, when they should really be out there making it happen for themselves. i know a handful of people who i wish would see this post secret and it mean something to them...unfortunately, those people probably don't read this blog.