October 18, 2009

welcome to our loft (as of dec 1st)

photos so everyone can see how lovely it is. this obviously is not our things displayed, it's the lady who is living there now...i hope she wouldn't find me posting these...but i am just oh-so-so-so excited that i had to share!! and plus, we are using her photos for inspiration...and oh boy, do i ever have a million and one ideas for this place!!

look at those big big big windooooows

the bed alcove...

the kitchen area. i'm excited to have a table for eating. mikey & i have been sitting couches for a year while we eat so a kitchen table will be looovely.

see that little fridge in the corner? ya, it's teeny. we're going to have to do something about that...we're not sure what yet. i love the metal backdrop for the walls though! & i love that we will be able to display all of our cute vintage mugs.

isn't it cuuuute? i knoooow ♥
i can't wait to show it off again when we have all of our things in it. december, december, december!!
but see what i meant how we are going to have to minimize a teeny bit. we really lucked out for storage space in our current apartment...which means that we acquired quite a bit of 'stuff' which will be nice to get rid of. we did a value village run today so that's a start.
i got a start on making my hello kitty costume this weekend. i made my white felt ears and red jumper with big white buttons. it's going to turn out really cute i think! i'm going to make her big red bow in a few moments...
hope everyone had a lovely weekend.