October 4, 2009

mikey & i went for 'breakfast' (it's in quotations as it was about one o'clock by the time he woke up) at our favourite breakfast place and then for a nice fall walk...

it was an overcast day but still super pretty.

i love the light in these...the sun was peeking out for a bit.

we stopped in at S.O.S (the store i use to work at downstairs) and i picked up two super cute things!

this little tray...with animals smoking cigarettes, having a picnic and drinking beer from a keg; BEST ever!

& this scissor necklace, which is made from a vinyl record.

i took this polaroid of mikey walking on the train tracks.
tonight we're going over to bry & jess' for a chili dinner; mmm! can't wait!