October 4, 2009

i love sundays. sundays are new postsecret day...it's the day that i'm reminded that i'm not the only person out there that feels a certain way...today i found this one:

i also came across this inspiring photo from
this girls blog (not sure whose it is originally) anyway, it's a simple reminder for all of us girls out there. we're all the same, we all look at the teeny tiny models and wish that we were that size too. i've come to the realization i will never be that skinny and that's okay, it's not me...and that's okay too. i've never really liked scales, sure sometimes they can be happy if you've lost weight but i'm sick of running my life around a stupid number. if i feel good why should i be a slave to a number that appears under my feet? if i haven't gone to the gym in a few days and if i ate an entire box of kraft dinner the night before, why do i beat myself up about it? it's silly. if i feel good in the clothes that i wear and in my body, that's all that should matter. i'm really tired of living my life around worrying about how many calories are in something and comparing myself to the girl next to me. I WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT GIRL. and that's okay. i feel this is a realization that a lot of girls need...stop comparing yourself. start being happy with who you are, whatever weight you are! i'm really really trying to live my life this way and so should you!