October 26, 2009

photo love.

this is pretty.

i love this one because i have this necklace.

this makes me feel care free.

it's okay because it's almost over...

ahhh. someone please oh please find this and buy me one. actually two, incase the first one broke...i'd have a back up

i had a lovely weekend at home. mikey and i went to my parents house on saturday night and hungout there for a bit, having some drinks with them then went to the bear for some drinks. lots and lots of friends showed up which was really nice! sunday we just bummed around (we were pretty hungover) did laundry and had a nice family dinner then headed home on the bus...oh ya, we were on the FLOOR of the bus cause they ran out of seats. how does that happen? luckily it's only an hour and a bit...but we're going tomorrow to get either a free ticket or our money back...we were not too pleased about sitting on the floor of a greyhound.
this week is going to be gooood. four day work week and then a three day weekend and it's halloween...what good timing for a three day weekend ♥ i'm excited to dress up!!