October 28, 2009

you still have a few days to enter my surprise giveaway, sunday is your last chance! make sure you blog about it on yours as well to get an extra entry. so far i've had some pretty interesting secrets that people have shared with me...i should ask for secrets more often, haha! i will be choosing at random out of a hat (old school styles) as i don't like the random generators that they have online now. maybe i will post a video or something of me picking the winner
(someone will have to first teach me how to upload a video on here)

so!! guess what's exciting? WINNING a super cute giveaway!

i won this pretty pouch from this blog it's pretty exciting winning things, especially an adorable handmade pouch with a mermaid hand stitched onto it. i have always loved mermaids (especially ariel of course) and we all know i crave long pretty flowing red hair...*sigh* soon, soon...

this week has been exciting, except for my sleepyness at work today but it was my own fault cause i went out to a show last night and had some drinkies and got a little drunky, haha; fun times though! i have friday, saturday and sunday off (as i mentioned) but am planning on doing some overtiiiiime to bring home some bacon (side note: i have never said that before and probably never will again ugh!) anyway, busy busy busy...if i don't post again before halloween i hope everyone has a lovely and safe one and i will be back to post photos of my costume and announce the giveaway winner next week!