October 14, 2009

some things i love;


pretty buttons;

inspiration boards; fall paintings;
art journals; cute craft areas;
pretty kitties;
cuuuute owl cupcakes;
popcorn; ( all sources from my flickr contacts. click on photo to go to their flickr stream )

so hello again! i've been keeping busy and had not had much time to post lately, or so it seems. i had a lovely weekend at home and have had a good couple of days at work. mikey & i have been spending our spare time getting ready for the move, i know...it's still forty6 days away (but who's counting?) but there is a lot to do. i just filled two massive garbage bags tonight with clothes, it feels so good to get rid of stuff! you know you have too many clothes when you can fill two big bags and still have a lot left over. we've realized though that we really need to simplify our stuff/lives for this new place, which is not a bad thing. i've been wanting to get rid of stuff for quite some time now. and what a better reason than moving! so, lots to do! lots to do! i like keeping busy though...

& as i mentioned, forty6 days til we move!!