October 11, 2009

hi bloggy blog friends!
happy thanksgiving
(to my canadian bloggy blog friends)
i am at home in pickering for the weekend...mikey wasn't able to come due to work (bummer!) but i am having a great time. last night megs & i had a few drinks here and chatted with my mum then went to the firkin for a couple pitches of beer! it was so good to see her and spend quality time together. we came home at 2.30am and had a hot tub and a sleepover ♥ love.
today we are picking up my gramma and kyle (from the airport! he's home from europe) and then going to my other grammas for dinner. it will be nice to have some family time; even though my dads away this weekend :( tomorrow is another thanksgiving dinner with mikeys family.
anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! i know i have a tooon of things to be thankful for, but i try to remember everyday, not just today, how truly lucky i am