October 9, 2009

"singing 'oh oh' on a friday night" & i hope everything's going to be alright.

i have a new favourite pretty freckled redhead.
miss kate nash,

she's absolutely gorgeous and sososo talented! i've been listening to her music for quite some time now but only recently saw a photo of her. new girl crush for sure. i think she's beautiful...and only 21. i like her because she's real looking...she's not celebrity-pretty, ya know what i mean? you can buy her album on itunes for only $7.99 as well!
if you have not listened to her music, please check it out.
her videos are also rather cute. her song 'the nicest thing' will make you teary, so adorable.
i'm having a quiet night in tonight (incase you couldn't tell) mikey has gone to toronto with colin to see 'them crooked vultures' so i get the apartment to myself...well, me and andy ♥ so i'm listening kate nash and painting. erin & i are starting to get serious about our etsy shop so i want to make sure i have LOTS to offer when we open....eeeee!! i have so much to be excited about.