October 9, 2009

wish list (already, i know)

we will definitely need some new shelving units...this one is from ikea.

i lovelovelove this ladder style. i think it would be sweet if we could find an old wooden ladder as well and use it as a shelf like this...(ikea) mikey & i both love this painting so much! (UO)we will need a coat rack of sorts as there's not a ton of storage space...this one is really cute! (UO)
i love this little ottoman; also opens up for storage (UO)
we will probably need more space/storage ideas for clothing; i thought this was cute (UO)
a cute little shelf for the bathroom (UO)as it is, there's no closet but the girl who lives their currently is leaving this awesome glass faced large closet/cabinet. we're going to paint/bring a bunch of dressers as well. as i mentioned, we are definitely going to have to do a huge clean up here, donate lots of clothes and other household items and get rid of junk before moving into this lovely new place. i want it to be very fresh & clean looking (just like how the girl has it now) i LOVE the fact that their is bare white walls. i have been loving that look lately. i am also excited to check out local antique shops for things for the new place as well.

oh. side note: we're not going on vacation in february anymore like we were going to. we've decided to put everything we've got into this new place...well, not everything, but what we've been saving for as this is much more worthwhile than a weeks vacation.