October 9, 2009


...right across the street into the most beautiful loft apartment, as of december 1st! we found out this morning when we went to go and see it. it's seriously goooorgeous. everything is very clean and modern; fresh white walls, amazing hardwood floors, an alcove for our bed, all open-concept, a great kitchen, nice bathroom...and windows; glorious windows! (shown in the photo below, photoshopped. there isn't actually photos in them like that...not those ones specifically, as we're going to be on the third floor but it is windows just like that all the way up. THREE of them. three HUGE windows and one big, main room...i am soooo excited!!)

mike watt (owner of flavour, plush and s.o.s) hooked us up BIGTIME! he recently bought the builiding as he wanted to expand flavour and have new office space so mikey & i said that whenever someone moves out to let us know and they are! mikey just keeps getting closer and closer to work (he works at flavour) and the actual moving part will be great as we are literally right across the street currently. eeee!! SO excited...and almost exactly the same price as what we are paying right now which is incredible.

prepare yourself for a TON of design/loft blog updates as i can't wait to clear this place out...purge and get rid of SO much stuff and make our new place really really nice! i'm already on the lookout for ideas and inspiration!

(i am SUPER excited about this!) ...as if you couldn't tell.