November 11, 2009

design sponge..

is what i am...and is also the website i've been obsessed with lately.

this shelf is so gorgeous...and i love the idea of displaying teacups & pillows on it.

this is such a cute little table & chair combo. i (still) want chairs like these!

i wish we had a velvet couch...maybe not burnt orange but an antique velvet couch nonetheless.

desk = perfection.

i have a feeling we will end up having a ton of drawers, stacked like these (hopefully they have them in stock at ikea cause they are big and deep and we need lots of 'em!) also...check out that gorgeous handmade yellow chair!

cute number placemats

diy project...that was made of toilet paper rolls! i want to make one for the bathroom...anyone have any toilet paper rolls? start saving them for me! i might paint them as well...painted would look nice, right?

so!! it's only 14 days until mikey & i move...we REALLY need to start packing considering we are both super busy & well, it needs to get done...and within the next two weeks. our apartment has still not been rented but i am starting not to care what the place looks like because we need to start packing and that means a mess will take place.
sidenote: i wish my blackberry would come in the mail already!