November 12, 2009

haha this photo makes me laugh! a young steve martin 'ironing' a cat...

aw, it makes me miss my little babycat, who is currently at the animal hospital recovering from her surgery this morning. we got her declawed as we are buying new furniture for the loft and even though she has two scratching posts she STILL chose to use the couch and our coffee table so, bye bye claws (plus, she'll be more cuddly as now her teeth will be her only defense mechanism) i would have rather not have done that buuuut if we're spending good money on things, i don't want them ruined. anyway, the vet called after the surgery and said she did just fine and was even moving about in her kennel. side note: the thought of her in a kennel until saturday morning hurts my heart :(

i mean, look at the little could you put her in a kennel? (this was obviously taken when we first got her and she is about 16x this size...but i will post this photo whenever possible as it is the CUTEST kitty photo you will ever see...yes, ever!)

so! mikey & i are finally starting to pack tonight...where to start, where to start. blah! i hate unpacking...actually i don't mind packing, what i hate is UNpacking...though i do like finding a perfect spot for everything!

i am super excited for this weekend & november in general...tomorrow i am going home for the weekend. i get to do laundry (for free, yay!) go to toronto on saturday to visit erika (it's been FAR too long) & shoppity shop, see my pickering friends and go to ikea ♥ on sunday to blow all of our monies!!

the following weekend if the flavour ten year anniversary party which is going to be nuts! everyone's super excited about it. free drinks, free swag and an awesome surprise band, yes please! the following week we move into our apartment and then that weekend i am going home for a famjam/friends party. november has been a GREAT month so far. i've had a few lovely surprises along the way as well which have helped a LOT!

ps: becky, i got your halloween postcard in the mail today; too cute!