November 16, 2009

welcome home.

as promised, photos of all of my ikea purchases:
( side note: that place makes you exhausted! super big thanks go out to my awesome parents who took me/put up with the masses of people )

we've never had a bed frame...this one is really pretty. it has a high headboard which i plan to make something pretty for ( & room under the bed to store my craft supplies )

probably the cutest doormat you will ever ever see

followed by a super cute pillow...this will be sitting on our bed ( in which we have a lovely white duvet for ) along with lots of other pillows i will be hand making

we got two of these cushion/arm rests for either side of the futon ( this is apparently the colour we got...laxbro red, i promise it's not so fuschia-like in real life )

this is the futon. it's really big and could comfortably fit three people ( without the armrests ) it folds down onto a full size bed ( comfortably sleeping two people ) & has storage underneath. as stated, this is a horrible photo of the colour. it's wayyyy more red and wayyyy less pink

buy one, get one free candles!

pretty candle holders

...these pretty red candles will go in the above candle holders

this is the PERFECT thing for our hallway. i wanted something that was high enough that we could use as a hall table/put cute things on the top but also with cupboard space for food as we don't have any built in cupboards on the walls

just a cute red wastepaper basket

a bookcase...which will be used to hold mikeys movie collection

two sets of these drawers which will (hopefully...fingers crossed) hold all of/most of our clothes

i had a pretty busy weekend; drank with friends, got to see megs lots, did some shopping in toronto (didn't get too much since i am so saavy with my monies) had a nice family dinner (ribs, caesar salad & corn-on-the-cob) and went to ikea where i got a TON of stuff for our loft, basically all of the furniture from this place we are getting rid of and we're going to have a helluva time putting together all of the new stuff. yes, everything that is shown above does NOT come already put together...good thing i have five vacation days at the end of this month! we still have a few things to get, lots of shelves (ones at ikea were too long) a trash can that we can spray paint as we want to keep towels & linens in it, plastic containers for under the bed storage, two more kitchen chairs, coat rack/hooks, shoe rack...i'm probably missing some things but those are the major ones!
we move in nine days...♥ eeee!!