November 26, 2009

hi lost bloggy friends,
i'm still alive!! have you missed me?? mikey and i have been working 9-6 and then moving like crazyyyy. it's been a veryveryVERY stressful couple of weeks...very. i won't even get into the things that have gone wrong but basically everything that could, has. it's been tough but everything is starting to settle into place (finally) the biggest thing that's been a struggle lately is that the electric company cut off our electricity 5 days before i asked so it got turned off yesterday so that was pretty inconvenient as the only time mikey & i really have to move is after work, which is around 6, and now the sun goes down by like 4's been interesting. luckily the new apartment was ready for us to move into and we weren't stuck at the old one for 5 days without electricity. luckily today there was some (voluntary) time off so i snatched that up and have been moving back and forth all day...down two flights of stairs, across the street, up two flights of stairs. rinse and repeat.
ANYWAY! the new place is absolutely stunning. i feel like i'm in a studio in new york or something. i can't wait to show off photos! we're getting internet hooked up their next wednesday (i'm at a coffee shop right now) i'm going to try and see if anyone has an open connection up there though, now that i realized my wireless is working. anyway, that's what has been going on in my crazy life lately. i hope to be back sooooon; i miss the internets.