December 2, 2009

some peeks of the loft...

so it's official. we're all moved in! things still need to find homes...but mostly everything is in place and i couldn't be happier! i haven't taken official photos yet just because i want to wait until everything is in order (& the last bit of junk is taken to value village) but here are some photos from the last bit. i can't believe how long it took to fully move...almost an entire week (not full days of course but lots of nights and a good couple of full days) we are SOOO thankful that it's all over and done with. SO thankful!

andy, sitting pretty on our new bed. it's amazing what a headboard does. we both feel like we're sleeping in a nice hotel...the bed even feels more comfy cozy.

this is one corner of my amazing desk. i had a great glass top desk from university and i'm so glad that my dad thought to bring it up! lots of crafting space (and homework space, when i go back to school in the fall)

this was taken just a few minutes ago. mikey (with andy cuddling on his lap) playing video games. those are 2/4 of our loooovely huge windows! they are one of my most favouritest things about this place...high ceilings & big windows, sold!

mikey bought me this cute sleep mask for when he has late night gaming time as i generally go to bed pretty early.

mikey bought me this single red rose our first night in the new place! i bought the super cute vase from home sense...isn't it great? i went very 'white' with this new place. it's clean and fresh...i love it.

part of our hall table.
so, those are the only photos you get...for now! obviously LOTS more to come as we get everything set up! it's been a busybusy week...glad i had 3 days off from work + my usual 2 days off as we definitely needed it for moving. too bad i don't have a few more days to just relax (& start my christmas shopping!)
some things i really love about this place:
♥ it's clean
♥ it has gorgeous hardwood flooring
♥ high ceilings
♥ the massive windows (duh!)
♥ having a view of the street; i love people watching!
♥ my big desk
♥ stainless steel kitchen/counter tops
♥ locked front entrance
♥ having a kitchen table to eat at
♥ studio lighting/dimmers (eeee!!)
it really is sososo gorgeous. i'm a luckylucky girl!!