December 2, 2009

a peek into our...

...bathroom, or the door anyway, cute little wooden cut outs that i painted and thought were perfect for the bathroom door

...walls, i love this little tree candle holder with the teeny birds on it

...our hall table, it's changed around a little bit already as all of mikeys jeremy fish 'toys' are now on an anchor shelf i painted tonight

...our 'bedroom' (in quotations as there are no actual seperate rooms)
i feel very very grown up living here. who would have thought i would be at this point in my life right now? definitely not me, if you had of asked me two years in a beautiful loft with the boy i fall more and more in love with day after day, having our very own babycat, living in a town i (quite frankly) never thought i would live in ...but LOVING it; now the only thing i need to snag is that dream job. well, you can't have everything right??