December 2, 2009

i'm dreaming of a

whiiiiiite christmaaaaas (tree)

i would lovelovelove a pretty little white christmas tree to match our pretty (not so) little white loft. that is what i want. i would pretty it up with handmade and vintage ornaments only...i even have some vintage bulbs i could put on it already. i guess if i don't get my tree i will have to put them to use somewhere else. but i reallyreally want one. it's raining outside right now, i would absolutely prefer snow. i'm having a real hard time getting into the christmasy mood/spirit as it's been really warm for this time of year the past few weeks. i can't believe it's december already, i have so much to do! i love shopping...especially shopping for other people and i don't want to leave it last minute this year!