November 6, 2009

oh hello beautiful!

oh hey there new boots-to-be...
this is such a bad photo; but the only one i could find online. they are soooooo much brighter and cognac'ier in real life...and not different coloured/darker at the toe. i'll do a comparison photo between my old beat up ones and my shiny new ones tomorrow (when they are mine! mine! mine!) & you will see that they are much prettier in real life...promise.
& you...i ordered you last night off of ebay,
you are so cute and pink...who would think, me, pink! i know...but it's so cute and shiny, i could barely resist! and i've decided i kinda like pink.
you will be in my hands soon too...and then i will be able to text faster, richy navarro (this will only make sense to those who know richy navarro...which is probably not much on here) he's one of my bffs and he texts...a LOT! and at record speed. hi richy!!