November 6, 2009

miss chelsey reminded me of one of the songs i was in love with in high made me realize that their are a TON of songs i love to (still) listen to...songs i was obsessed with maybe 7+ years ago....
what better time to reminisce a little then coming home from being out for a beer (or two!) with some friends and feeling a little nostalgic....
so...i present to you:
( my higschool favourites )
beating heart baby by head automatica [what triggered this post]
here in your arms by hellogoodbye
so contagious by acceptance
polaroids of polar bears by alexisonfire [what a sweet song name, btw]
that girl posessed by alexisonfire
no transitory by alexis [what can i say, i really liked them...i kind of forgot just how MUCH i really liked them, until now]
my paper heart by the all american rejects
sweetness & the middle by jimmy eat world
time & confusion by anberlin
car underwater by armor for sleep
coffee and cigarettes by augustana
(i can't pick just one song) by incubus
save yourself by sense field
emily by from first to last
(just once) let's do something different by boysnightout
mixtape by brand new
bowl of oranges by bright eyes
city girl by crush luther
remember to breathe by dashboard confessionals [oh and pretty much EVERY other song by them...i was obsessed]
i want to hear you sad by the early november
breathe by feeling left out
what it is to burn by finch
one thing by finger eleven
hey man! by nelly furtado
if i am by nine days
time to talk by open hand
(i can't pick just one song) by our lady peace
brand new colony by the postal service
sadie hawkins dance by relient k
a breath of sunshine by scary kids scaring kids
ocean avenue by yellowcard
like glue by sean paul
i am for you (don't give up) by waking ashland
(i can't pick just one song) by something corporate
or spill canvas...or taking back sunday...or underoath...or the used; i listened to them all SO much!
until the day i die by story of the year
the artist in the ambulance by thrice
you and i misbehaving by tilly and the wall
...oh ya, and i use to listen to simple plan a lot too...blaaaah!
my favourite part is listening to these songs again...
and knowing ALL the words
that makes me smile :)
so! who did you listen to when you were in highschool?
favourite songs...favourite bands...favourite concert memories (oh i didn't even touch on that one. i saw a LOT of concerts in highschool; sooo fun!!)
i can not WAIT to sleep in tomorrow...
OH SHIT!! GUESS WHAT?! i have these pointy'ish, flat, cognac boots that i bought over 2+ years ago. anyway, i have worn them to pieces, as happens with most favourite pieces of clothing/accessories. SO! i have been on the hunt for a new (better) pair, as these ones were cheapy fake leather, etc...and s.o.s (at the shoe store i use to work at downstairs) THEY HAVE THE PERFECT PAIR!! and they are steve maddens...and i love my black steve maddens so i know i will love these ones...and they are affordable...and i was squealing and screaming in the store when i found them and not many people understand how FREAKING EXCITING it is to find something (that's apparently rare) that you've been on the hunt for, for forever!! i know you guys know what i mean. it was to the point where i gave up looking cause everything that is flat'ish now is either cowboy boot style (which is cool, i have those too) or suede (blah. not a fan of suede) so i was suuuuuper stoked to find these!!! PERFECTION. and they shall be mine...tomorrow. and then i will be saying buh bye to my beat up oldies; it'll be sad, we had a lot of great times...but hellllllo heavenly new boots ♥
ps: someone help QUICK...what is the html code to do spaces?? apparently the space bar doesn't make spaces in posts...and it is necessary in this one