November 6, 2009 not a very pretty word but when written in cursive in pink, with a heart at the end it does! unfortunately my day was no so pink and pretty and lovely, though i did use this word on multiple occasions today so i thought it was appropriate! needless to say, i had an awful friday. thank GOD it's the weekend. weekends off!! WOOOO. i am so thankful for them. two whole days off!
just a little snippet of my day: 3 people cried on the phone with me today...three! now, i know it's not MY fault that rogers is a horrible company (sometimes) but when you have 3 people crying to you on the phone (+ about a million other mean/grumpy customers) it takes it's toll. they always tell us to 'not get hooked' but that is so much easier said then done, really and truly.
so! the moral of this story is:
when you are calling in to customer service to someone to fix a problem that you have or a concern (etc, etc) be nice to them! they are people too...and most likely, they are just trying to help you!!