December 18, 2009

( before )

( during )

i guess it sets better with a bag on your head...i left mine on for almost two hours which is what i read you should do. since it is a semi permanent hair dye it doesn't have that usual smell/is actually moisturizing for your hair instead of killing it.

i mean why not right? i have three days off & two hours to kill...

( after ) love...i feel like ariel (i mean it's not fire engine red but it's still really really pretty & brighter then i've ever had it!)

also hadn't straightened it in like, months...i've been wearing it curly for forever. i forgot how long it was getting. eeeeee happy dance :)

yay! manic panic success.
side note for users: make sure you wash it off of anything immediately after it makes contact as it is a dye and therefore stains, big time! i had no immediate run ins with this, other than my ears haha.