December 18, 2009

& today is one of those magical days...maybe it's because i know i have the next three days to do absolutely anything i would like (+ things that actually need to get done) or maybe it's because i got THIS package in the mail today from one of my sweetest & dearest friends,
look at all my goodies!! most of which came from thailand; hk gummies, hk kleenexes, a cute notepad, a bear having a tea party zippered pouch, a kitty ornament, a cellphone charm, photobooth photos of miss christmas herself and the cutest christmas card! packages from julie are my favourite!

she's the cutest!!

perfect for the christmas tree; don't you love the button eyes?

i've never said this word but it's very julie ross; adorbs!!
(kinda hard to read but it says "merry christmas carly. i love you")

today, this is my best friend as i get more presents wrapped, make my christmas cards, write letters & dye my hair...

(i bought a hot pad today and when you put the hot kettle on it, it makes the room smell like apples...we'll see if it works)

this is the colour i am trying on my hair. i long for bright red hair & am hoping this works as i really don't want to have to lighten my hair first

rock 'n' roll red...lets hope so!

haha, i liked that saying!