December 16, 2009

i get very few channels on my television as we don't pay for cable so we just get about 10 or so that come through clearly. anyway, we've been watching the sing off hosted by nick lachey (blarrrgh!) anyway, i was just wondering if anyone else was watching it & who their favourites were? this is the first time i've really gotten into any of these singing shows...i'm rooting for voices of lee as i think they are so so so talented. for those who don't know, this is kind of like american idol but it's for groups and it's accapella only which is so neat to see how these talented people use their voices in so many different ways.

anyway, where i was going with this is that i've never liked a kelly clarkson song all that much until i heard this one; it's so so so pretty...oh ya & (voices of lee performed it on the show):