December 6, 2009

good morning.

don't you wish sundays lasted longer than they do? it's almost one already and i'm still in my undies...i guess that's what sundays are for however i have an incredible amount of laundry that needs to be done at some point today. boy, i cannot wait for the day that we have laundry in our house/building...*sigh* i could be doing this as a load of laundry was being washed.
i really just want to be shopping, of course! & doing other christmasy type going to get a christmas tree (can you tell how badly i want one?) and making a gingerbread house (which i am TOTALLY doing before christmas) and wrapping presents (that i haven't bought yet...but wrapping is the fun part!) and going for walks when it's lightly snowing (oh wait, it hasn't snowed yet)