December 7, 2009

this is my pretty cousin erin,
but you may know her as red food colouring

she just did a shop update & this is the cutest cowl scarf ever! & it's availible at our shop dear love for only $12! i want one...but i'm thinking it'd probably be super lame to order from your own shop...right?

she just made this adorable apron recently as well, along with a ton of other cute stuff (some of which has already sold!) this is availible for $16 at our shop!

the prices are right and we are trying to do updates often! i haven't done one in a bit as things have been pretty stressful/hectic around here plus i had a custom pillow order that i've been trying to get done but soon...there's lots of notebooks to chose from up in the shop though + i will do custom orders as well!

shop dear love