December 10, 2009

guess who found her perfect small white christmas tree today? that's right...meeee! & the best part is, it was on sale for $28! can you believe it? it's a christmas miracle...

stars are over-rated. sparkly red birds are MUCH better for the top of a tree,
& now...enjoy some skunkboy creations!

i think she's my favourite...she's wearing an apron!

grumpy little man owl,

i would like her for my christmas tree please,

precious owl brooch; i'd wear it every darn day,

another little cutester for the tree,

darling little fawn, i'd keep her around all year long

penguin darn cute!!

all items can be purchased at this shop
so today, i went out for a bit. only made it to michaels as i found my christmas tree and couldn't very well lug that around afterwards to christmas the rest of my shopping will have to wait for another day off! after michaels i went to a bank as i didn't have any change for the bus...took money out, went somewhere to get change and then proceeded to WAIT for the bus for 45 minutes...forty five!! in the bitter bitter cold...seriously, so freezing...after 45 minutes i called a cab...the bus probably came 2 minutes later. anyway, it's almost christmas ♥!!