December 11, 2009

( cute things make me happy )

has anyone else had one of those weeks where you just need to search for photos of cute things or in my case, do that & watch 'surprise kitty' on youtube over&over&over? i definitely did. a little bit of stress + work being crappy = bad mood carly. i need a winter vacation...bad.

again, i wish i was 'tgif'ing...instead i have to wake up at 7am tomorrow for work at 8...this whole screwy schedule for december is NOT my friend. i also found out today that i work 10-7 on christmas eve meaning i have to rush afterwards to catch the 7.30 bus & will be getting home late on christmas eve...nooot impressed. i hope they approved some vacation time for me after christmas (doubtful...but a girl can hope!)

my apartment needs to be cleaned & christmas shopping needs to be laundry (that i was supposed to do about 2 weeks ago is STILL not done) i just need more time in the day...& there are some carollers outside my window that i want to throw rocks at, haha

blah. that wasn't a very happy post at apologies.