December 12, 2009

isn't erin talented? she made us business cards for our etsy shop, dear love i've always wanted a business card, haven't you?? especially super cute ones like these! i love the needle & thread; favourite!

this looks just like a platter i almost bought at home sense (i think it was home sense..that's the one that's attached to winners right?) except it had a red bow. it was sooo darling and i never really bake much but i just wanted it, ya know? one of those things you don't really have a use for, you just NEED it for some reason. now that i look back i totally could have done a candle display on it...dammit. it's adorable though and seeing this photo on one of my favourite blogs made me angry, haha.

so there was VTO (voluntary time off) today & i totally snatched it up, worked 5 hours, was off by 1 which was lovely as that's just what i wanted! tonight is mikeys staff christmas party (my old staff/all my friends, pretty much) so that should be fun! i cracked my first beer at 4...should be a good evening!