December 14, 2009

i, like most to be pampered (that doesn't happen often as salon visits can be pricey) but i also like to pamper myself. lately what i have been craving/needing really badly is a really good massage...i'm planning to get one with my christmas monies! however, i also love simple pampering sessions too...for instance, i just had a shower, used a deep conditioner on my hair, dried off and scrubbed the dead skin off of my feet (this is one of the most satisfying things to do...a pumice stone does nothing, you need the one that looks like a cheese grater AND the little shaver guy has an actual razor blade and works woooonders) then i did a face mask and in a bit i'm going to be painting my nails/toe nails.

i wouldn't really consider myself a girly girl by any means, but i am noticing that as i get older treating yourself to things like that and pampering yourself at home as well is super important and definitely helps me to relax (i'm not one to relax much...i always feel like there's something that needs to be done...which i'm usually right and there usually is) but it is super important to much as possible; for your sanity and for the people around you's too!

some products i use & really enjoy:

this little guy really works well for adding shine after blow drying your hair,

i'm not a fan of mousse as i find it makes your hair crunchy and that's gross so i tried this new line 'tousle me softly' by herbal essence and am pretty pleased with the results!

i just bought this tonight from shoppers as i needed a deep conditioner & have heard good things about marc anthonys far so good! since i am growing out my hair, i haven't been to a hair dresser in awhile (ya ya, i know it's better for your hair to get it cut every so often but i just KNOW they will take too much off and my hair is finally a length i like) so deep conditioners have become my new bffs for those gross ends

i introduce to you, your new best friends...seriously. this is the cheese grater like device i mentioned earlier. if you don't have one, get one! they are cheap and work WAY better than pumice stones. plus, you will feel great after seeing all the dead skin fall off your feet and into your garbage bin (oh ya, don't be gross, make sure you do this over a garbage bin!)

& this, your other new best friend. if you have super calloused feet or even those hard to slough off bits that usually happen on the side of your big toe/back of heels...this is the tool you need! you will not regret this purchase, trust me!
(side note: please be this is a razor, you can shave off too much skin & bleed...but don't let that scare you, it's pretty hard to do)
so, that was my try at a little beauty bit,
with love from carly