December 14, 2009

my life in photos.

...well, pretty much. here are some of my favourite photos taken from my old phone (prior to my bold...which i don't know how to get the photos off of now)
this is our building...the tallest one; the middle windows are ours

mikey playing video games in our old place (& andy snuggling) when we would take our mattress into the living room so we could comfortably watch tv (no need to do this in the new place!) snuggle zone; andy's a big cuddler in the morning
mikey&andy again...i love photos of the two of them, can you tell? this was obviously awhile ago as mikey's hair is quite a bit longer and he has a pretty wicked beard going right now
me, waiting in the rain at the bus stop one day. i really like the colours in this/my umbrella as a backdrop

mikey sleeping...a bit more of that jeremy fish tattoo is coloured in now but not finished yet
at ossia in the summertime, giant coronas $6 me & the babycat in the morning
this is how mikey first told me he loved me. he was hoping i would see it when i came home for my lunch break but of course i didn't...not at first anyway
andy, being incredibly precious and 'holding my hand' while i was on the computer

my little gremlin! we watched gremlins last night my mind it counts as a christmas movie! i loooove when she sleeps this way...covering her eyes with her paw