December 13, 2009

sensible items i SHOULD have asked for for christmas, but didn't

i have wanted one of these clear dome style umbrellas for sooo long.
a basket...i love baskets & don't own any. we need one for under the bathroom sink...well, i guess it's not entirely necessary but i would like it, to put towels in, etc

a coat rack...desperately needing one so we can free up the kitchen chairs. i want one like the one shown above (but we don't really have the room for it) ...what we really need is ones like these, shown below...

a shoe rack...we need one so badly. or two...we have a TON of shoes!

baking/muffin trays. i think i might have mentioned this to my gramma (i hope so...cause we need them badly!) + a large frying pan as well.

a usb stick to store all my photos from my laptop (i am SO terrified that my computer will crash one day, as it's kind of older...and i will lose all of my photos) i would need a large storage memory stick though as i have a TON of pictures. ps: isn't this wood one so pretty? any ol' usb stick would do.
i would just like to sidenote that mikey & andy electric have been in bed all day so far (it's already 3 o'clock)