December 29, 2009

on the 27th of december, my parents celebrated their 29th anniversary; i ♥ them & am so thankful they are together...

i love these photos of them...

(mind the glare)

this photo of kyle is too cute!

some more photos of us from around the house...

nice hair mum! kyle & i are pretty cute hey?

now onto christmas, which was lovely!

i love our christmas tree.

dad playing his new bongo my mum bought him,

my mum with her jewellery box,

grandpa was there too! first year without him, which was strange...but we definitely thought about him a ton ♥

the centerpiece my mum made, isn't it gorgeous?

kyle & i's santas photos...

kyle when he was so small....awww!

my favourite ornament; little angel snow baby.

wrapping gifts!
christmas was awesome this year! it was a little different as we usually have a big christmas at my grammas or her sisters with all of our extended family as well (usually between 30-40 of us) but this year we just did it smaller, with the 4 of us, my two grammas, my aunt margorie and my mums friend carol (whose birthday it was as well!) i got lots of lovely gifts and had a great day...the next day my mum & i went boxing day shopping and i had some good finds as well! looking forward to new years and having three days off afterwards.
mikey & i got some christmas money so we are still planning our vacation in february afterall...we weren't sure we'd be able to afford it but we can so we're super excited about it!! we'll be booking it soon, all inclusive, somewhere hot & beachy :) eeee! i can't wait...
(more later)