December 29, 2009

( favourites of 2oo9 )

opening up dear love with erin,

listening to this song (electric feel, mgmt) about a million times a day
...but really,

being asked to do my first comissioned painting
(& having it hanging in a bar here in town...pretty neat!)

being hello kitty for halloween,

having our first christmas tree,

moving into our gorgeous new loft,

having many a many a many a good time with great friends,

celebrating our one year ♥ (soon to be two),
waking up to this beautiful boy (it's nothing new this year but he's still a favourite),

going to see incubus for the 4th time this summer,

with these amazing people (& kyle!)

summer time ♥,

having these cuties visit over the summer from aus,

going to the beach (i rarely get to one)

i'm sure there are about a million things i've missed...oh, like this blog for one! if i'm not mistaken i started it this year. it's hard to sum up a year in one post...but most of you have been reading for awhile & know how awesome my 2009's hoping 2010 is just as good! & yours as well