January 23, 2010

my comfy new denim; they are wide leg & have great pockets...plus they are a really dark blue, almost black but they look lighter in these photos.

this is the platter i bought. it's not for candles...it's for cupcakes but when there are no cupcakes in sight, candles will do (i really wish i had cupcakes!)

i never posted about these but i bought them on boxing day, they are by blowfish & they are super comfy and amazing...this is about the most heel i can handle.

the package waiting for me was my amazing new one piece vintage suit & i usually don't post photos like these
(it's a little 'racy' for me)
but i wanted to show everyone how cute it was, since most people voted for the one piece; i am SO glad i chose this one! so classic & worth the money...it fits me perfectly as well! i will definitely get a lot of use out of this!

& my new jacket ♥

it's almost nuts how much it matched my hair...and my shades...

& i took those just for fun...

those are the last shots of my red hair,
that's right you heard me...
i currently have dark brown hair dye processing on my head. i know i will miss my red hair but it was time for a change. i love it...but it's just hair & it's fun to change it up, plus, red always stays the longest so even though i'm doing it dark brown, i'm sure the red will be peaking through soon and before i know it, it'll be red again! i will be sure to post photos when it's washed & dried!
stay tuned.