January 22, 2010

okay, so the other day i expressed to mikey that whenever i see older people (especially older men, for some reason) sitting by themselves it makes me sad. i always want to go and sit with them but then, that might be strange, wouldn't it? i get even more sad if i see that they are not wearing a wedding band. logic: because even if they did have a wife (at one point; dead or alive) he would still be wearing his wedding band...therefore, if he's not wearing one he's probably never been married before and that means he may be alone. and THAT makes me feel sad...like, extremely extremely sad. mikey stated that maybe they like to eat lunch alone or maybe they like to go for walks by themselves but for some reason or another, i just always assume that they are alone, and that they are sad too. and it really makes me hope & pray that i will never get to that stage of my life and that i will never be alone.
(wow...this wasn't supposed to be a downer post, i swear)