January 17, 2010

( ready for spring )

oh just a few insanely pretty things that i would love for spring,
all from the lovely site etsy
so tiny & perfect
i think this is my favourite!

so pretty!
would be perfect for picnics

i want you,
i want you so bad...
i lied. THIS is my favourite!
um, a cotton candy coloured purse...yes please!!

pretty amazing, right??

these look like the perfect everyday shoe!

i totally need to learn to walk in heels
before i get a big girl job so can prance around in them all day (comfortably
there's something about these...
does anyone else feel it?
so classic! i obviously love chunky heels & ankle straps...
now if only my feetsies were a 5 1/2
mmm favourites! they look perfectly worked in
& i love the cut out heel

pretty much ga ga over these espadrilles

i love love love the colour of these pretty ones

i wish i could wear heels like these

these little pretties

these gorgeous heels