January 18, 2010

this is me.
minus the blowy up part
(as much as i would like too sometimes...then i wouldn't have a job to go too and no money and that means no pretty things so that wouldn't work out now, would it?)
i did two hours of overtime today (10 hour day) & i plan on doing it every day this week annnnd basically until they tell me there is no more availible OR i am at my limit of hours OR my visa bill is paid off & i have saved enough money for school (which is not going to happen anytime soon, haha)
so bring on the overtime!
& bring on the red bull!
& now it's time to work on a custom winter journal i am doing. it's a nice break from the computer as i have been looking at one now for 10.5 hours straight, ahhh! won't be blogging much during the week this next bit,
just wanted to let y'all know why...
& apologize in advance.
i love you!