February 20, 2010

( etsy faves )

this embroidered wall hanging
(we need to start decorating the walls...)
this headband/ear warmer
(not really a huge fan of the whole big bow craze but i do love this)
this fisher price camera print for above my desk

these navy clogs. i kind of really love clogs right now...

this beautiful mini dress

oh my gosh. how much do i love this little fella?

this gorgeous wristlet

this expensive but very pretty handmade dress

this pretty spool necklace
this strawberry trinket cone
i have my giant mug of tea, am about to make some breakfast and then it's off to the spa for me. i will finish up packing this afternoon and then mikey & i are headed home (by home i mean to my parents house) isn't it strange when you realize that you'll never live there again...but it's still your home cause it was your home for longer then the home you're at now has been... anyway...what a lovely saturday!
hope everyone has a great weekend