February 19, 2010

never have i ever ever ever been so thankful that it's friday!!! eight hours of work and then i am on vacatiooooon ♥ literally. i'm so excited i could burst. i haven't been away somewhere since i was about 13 when my family and i went to las vegas. that was the last time i had been on a place too and i actually love flying! there is something so exciting about being in a plane (not the part where you could literally crash to your death at any given time [can't think about that]...the OTHER part, the part where you are flying...in the sky...with the birds & the care bears and that is pretty neat if you ask me.

i can't wait to wake up tomorrow and go to the spa...i've never been so a relaxing massage and pedicure are going to be oh-so-great then mikey & i are going home to my parents house as they are driving us to the toronto airport monday morning (way early...flights @ 6:20am but i probably won't sleep/will be too excited to notice) anyway! this may or may not be my last post before we go, so i will see you all when we return