February 15, 2010

hi hi! did everyone have a pretty valentines day? i sure did! i recieved 2 packages in the mail last week; one from julie (not pictured as i couldn't find my camera at the time) & this one from rosie...both with lots&lots of goodies in them! i have the best friends ♥

lots of hk love!
saturday i went to go see 'valentines day' with meg & it was super cute. i wasn't sure what to expect as the trailer didn't give away too much (which is good as i find sooo many trailers show you the whole movie which is so silly, why even bother paying to go see the movie at that point?) anyway, it had a fantastic cast; lots of beautiful guys & gals to look at, that's for sure! anyway, when i came home there was some gorgeous roses waiting on the kitchen table for me...

yesterday (♥s day) was spent antiquing with jess, mikeys mum & mikeys mums boyfriend. it was a lovely day, we went to three different antique shops around here and then out for lunch! we all had some great finds.

mikeys antlers...he has been searching for some forever & he got these for $20...amazing! i had been searching for the rainbow polaroid land camera that it seems like everyone but me already has but i think they are so cute & i always wanted one. i got it for $5!

it was a loooovely weekend! saturday night we had some drinks here & then went to the rainbow dance at the gordon best, it was a lot of fun! today i got up, showered & headed to work (the streets are SO dead) when i got there, i was asked if i wanted to be here (haha...no!) and then asked if i wanted vto (voluntary time off...guess no one was calling in) so of course i did! i had been regretting saying i'd work the holiday all weekend cause it would be so nice to have a 3 day weekend and then a 4 day work week and then go on vacation & now i get it; yay!! sooo...happy family day? i think it's the silliest excuse for a holiday but i'm getting paid to sit at home today so it's a-okay with me!