February 15, 2010

( everybody's doing it )

since everyone else in the blogging universe seems to be posting the typical 'how we met' stories in lieu of valentines day, i thought i would as well. however, i thought i'd tell ours because tomorrow is our
two year anniversary
sooo...everyone's heard of myspace i'm sure...of course, this is the time of networking. you guys have probably all had a myspace account or maybe still do (?) anyway, i started using myspace when i was sixteen years old. i liked going to shows for bands like taking back sunday, boys night out, dashboard confessionals, brand new, warped tours, etc etc (you get the idea) i also had my labret pierced, wore black framed glasses & wore band tees. therefore, i loved boys who looked pretty much the same (but in boy form) ...being on myspace, i would add said cute boys to my 'friends list'. usually i would add them just so i could creep their photos & get a lot of friends on my list (after all, that's what myspace was all about) that being said, i added "MiKeY!!!!!!!" to my list one day and of course thought he was totally cute. i never added these boys with thoughts of dating them one day, as i said...i added them cause were "sooo hot, oh my god!" haha, and i was boy crazy. mikey & i would talk occasionally. we had similar tastes and he was super easy to talk to. he had a girlfriend at the time and as i said, i didn't have any intentions of meeting up with/dating someone from online. my parents warned me...and i knew better.

about 3 (maybe 4?) years later, i had deleted my myspace by this time and hadn't thought about mikey or any of the 'cuuute boys' i had on my friends list in forever, i came to visit peterborough with my friend bree. we had been visiting friends in st.catharines the night before (partying all night!) and remembered that our friend trisha was having a party at her place in peterborough, why not make it a weekend-long excursion of road tripping?! now, it wasn't easy getting there...her car broke down just as we were about to hit peterborough and (long story short) a cop saw us, drove us to trishas and we would go back for the car in the morning (looong story really short: the next morning we went back to find the car NOT there, found out it was hit by two guys speed racing and that was the end of darla [her car] luckily we were not in it when it was hit, thank god!)

(omg i know. SCARY! incredibly scary thinking we could have been sitting in there, wondering what to do when the car was hit...)

anyway, back to the story...so that night we went out to a bar here in town called the trash, more drinking, lots of dancing, bathroom time...as i am walking to the bathroom, who do i see? MiKeY!!!! haha...he's sitting in one of the booths with his big glasses (pretty hard to miss) & a big smile on his face, he was there with his staff for their christmas party. we both kind of do a double take and then "carly?"..."mikey?"..."oh my god!!"

we sat and chatted the rest of the night, mainly saying things like "holy crap, you're a real person" & "i can't believe i just ran into you here"...after spending the rest of the night hanging with him, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting each other often. a few weekends later, i came up to visit him. he met me at the bus stop (we were both really nervous) went back to his place and chatted non-stop for like five hours. later that night his friends came over (& i fell in love with them) and we shared our first kiss. i went to visit him pretty much every weekend after that (if not every other) 3 months later, in april, i moved in with him...and the rest is history! we've been together two years & they have been my happiest thus far...here's to many many more to come ♥

mikey one of the first weekends i came to stay...

how he told me he loved me...wrote it on a message board, hoping i would see it on my lunch break, i totally didn't see it until much later!

ps: so, mum...that's the real story! haha, most of the time we tell people we just met through friends unless they know what myspace is and then people usually find it to be a pretty cute story. which it is...