February 15, 2010

( this is a photo of our actual resort )

white sandy beaches, bright blue skies and even brighter blue water...this time next week mikey & i will BE here; eeeee!!

i am beyond excited.

we bought some last minute stuff today, ya know...spf 60 sunscreen (i'm not getting burnt and ruining my trip) & 2 disposable cameras today. we'll be taking our digis as well but i wanted real film photos too...they are so much more fun! i hate how with digis there is never a bad photo...it's a good thing and a bad thing. i mean, sometimes those bad ones are the best ones but now with the option to delete, they get forgotten so having disposables will be fun! i wanted waterproof ones but they were all out, i'm still going to try and get some before we leave cause that would be so much fun!